The Humans of Meyan are giften with ambition that no other people of Meyan has shown. Humans are spread throughout Meyan and have developed several distinct cultures.

“The Sons of Giants”

The plainsmen from the north who started the first empire in Meyan. The Cardenon people are warrior culture that has produced the finest generals of all Meyan. Their culture values strength, tactics, faith and ingenuity above all else. This culture is responsible for the majority of innovations in war such as the trebuchet and the crossbow. The Cardenon people are a tall, dark skinned people with curly hair. Religion is a large part of the Cardenon culture and many Carden follow gods of war and valor.

“Men of Noble blood and Stalwart Hearts”

Sereks are the noble stock of humans. They once claimed all lands west of the Spine of the World their kingdom. Sereks value honor, birthright, and wealth. Serek culture emphasizes the importance of knowing ones class and acting accordingly. Even in a family the first born is favored above the second, and the second above the third and so on. Rising in class requires an acquisition of great wealth or diplomatic ties. The Sereks tend to see themselves as the bloodline of kings even the lowliest Serek has a hard time believing that their birthright is less than other cultures and races.

“The Clansmen of Unther”

Dosnin trace their lineage back to the days when House Serel and House Dosnin once called each other brethren. Since then however they have been forced to live in the Hills of Unther to the east of the Kingdom of Sereland. Over time their noble tact has been forgotten and they have formed a clan system among them. To Dosnin family and bloodlines are very important, and while they have no true king. Dosnin culture values loyalty, courage, family.

“The men of the sands”

The Aek’Dorith reside in a large desert separating in the southern part of the eastern continent of Meyan known as the Unforgiving Desert. Their culture began as traders and collectors of knowledge. They are great tactictians and mathematicians. Their culture is strongly based upon arcane and divine teachings particularly the worship of the Sun God Nestraden. Aek’Dorith culture values knowledge, cunning, and wealth. The greatest wizards of Meyan have often been Aek’Dorithians.

“Seafaring Warriors”

The Quaren are a stalwart warrior culture from the Deybeth peninsula. The Quaren are masters of the sea and their longships are the fast in all Meyan. The Quaren culture is comprised of several tribes. Each tribe has a totem that call upon for strength. The Quaren are great fishermen and warriors. Quaren culture values



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