Influence System


Listed are the influences a character has access to. First are two types of titles based on if a character has a positive influence or a negative influence. Second is listed the type of power that an influence grants. Third is a way in which that influence can go up in play or in downtimes.

Pick one area of influence, it starts at either 1, 0, or -1.

Negative scores reference a benefit on the dark side of culture.

The Road- Herald or Outlaw King, Power in travel, Earn title with enforcement or ruling the roads

Frontier- Mayor/Lord or Pillager, Power in outskirts, Earn title with vision or establishment

Market- Merchant Prince or Pirate, Power in economy, Earn title with wealth or contacts

Faith- Bishop or Heretic, Power in Flock, Earn title with god-touched or founding

Battlefield- General or Mercenary Captain, Power in armies, Earn title with respect or merit

Court- Steward/King or Despot, Power in decrees, Earn title with noble service or hereditary

If a character performs an action that involves their area of influence, that character may get a bonus or penalty on the roll, equal to their influence score, depending on whether their reputation would help or hinder their efforts.

During downtimes, a character can focus their efforts on expanding their influence. If they do so, their influence score will go up for every 20 days times the number in influence they are about to go up to. If a character is moving their influence toward 0, it takes just 10 days to move a level. Doing so usually means that the character has done something public and very detrimental to their previous fame.

Influence adds to the Leadership score of a character on a 1 for 1 basis. Negative influence still adds its number to the Leadership score.

Influence System

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